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What would be the order of importance (what I should buy first, second, etc.) of each of the following items in case I can only buy a few at a time: winch, rear locker, front locker, gears, 38.5*16 claws (my 35" claws still have tread, but the front right one's gettin low), rear disc brakes, dual battery + high output alternator (if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to setup a dual battery system for a RC, I'd really appreciate it), engine upgrade stuff(purple cam, 600cfm 4bbl, edelbrock rpm manifold), exhaust (headers, straight pipes).

my girlfriend told me to choose between her or the should see all the cool stuff I can buy now that she's gone

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Winch, tires then lockers. The batteries could be wired in parrell +/+, - to chassis. Or you can use an isolater which just protects one battery from going dead so you can still start up. I run parrell and it works fine.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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