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I'm seeing posts on this Pony carb, but don't know where to find info on it. Looking at buying a new carb soon and was planning on getting a Weber. Now I see stuff on pony carbs, old holleys off of pintos and such...sheesh. I just want a good carb without spending too much. The Webers seem to be in the $300 range depending on where I'm looking. I want a good dependable carb that will help boost the HP. Will be getting the SUMO2 head setup from AAPA, and a Calmini ceramic header and run the 2" exhaust back. Lower end of my engine only has 100 miles on it. No hard core off roading or rock climbing with this rig, but alot of hills to pull around here on the roads. Anyone with experience on these carbs, or with suggestions for a different setup, PLEASE let me know.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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