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I am looking to purchase a Cool Head For my '97 Banshee. My question is what size domes will I need or do you get all the domes
when you buy a cool head. Also which is the better Cool Head? Pro-Design, PTR, ADA racing???

This is how my bike is setup. Let me know if you need more info.

Bills pipes and Silencer, port and head currently milled, pyramid Reeds and cage, Motion Pro intake manifold with boost bottle,
35mm PWK carbs, Pro Design air filter system with foam two stage filter in stock box no top. Everything has been done by Duncan
Racing except the porting and head work. They set my bike up for riding mainly in the desert. Runs off of Trick racing gas (112, i think) and mixed
with yamalube oil at a ratio of 32:1 Riding type: some drag racing,
mainly to hall ass in dunes and to race. Right now I am set up for high rev. Bike runs beautifully and fast no problems with
the motor. OH ya, stock gearing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other mods are done to bike but don't think it would effect the motor.


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When you buy a cool head, you get different domes sizes as well (from what I have heard). Trinity racing has an excellent cool head which I'll probably get for my Banshee next spring.

If your head is already milled why get a cool head? If your concerned about heat build up maybe you should try the Pro Designs super cooler first. Mine should be here any day now.


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a pro-design super cooler is a piece if aluminum with fins on it that splices into your coolant line to help keep things cool. look at the pro-design ad in the dirt wheels mag


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I am looking for both cooling and added horsepower. I need to know what size domes to put in so I can keep the right compression.
If they are sold with all the domes together. then I will just have to try every size to see which has the right compression. Guess I
finally have a reason to go buy a compression tester. Wife will be pissed. OH WELL. :)


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they come with only one size dome, that is either 22cc\22.5cc domes. Anything else you will have to buy seperate. You should be able to run much smaller domes with 112 octane, as you have stated you run. Dont ask me HOW much smaller, cuz i dont know.



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I have a PTR coolhead w/22cc domes and i am goin down a couple of sizes..As u said before go out an get a compression tester first.... check your compression and see what it reads if u r stock on the head u should get a # like 115 give or take with fresh rings it will read 115 now mine w 22cc domes my compression is 130 w fresh rings now u want to get your compression no more that 135 as u will get a squeek ie engine failer I am going to go down to a 19cc dome which should make a difference think of it this way ... the smaller the chamber the higher the compression for u if your head is milled there is a way to find out what size the head but it is long ..i would assume that it is around a 22 but start with those first and work your way around another set is only 65.00

good luck


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I know how to measure the volume of my head,but the problem is that i don't know what range I should be at with the compression
you say 115 which sounds right. I am really looking for maxium perfomance out of it. I think I will go back to Duncan and see what
he has to say on the matter. After all he set up the bike.

My top end is in good shape, but I probably good use a rebuild. I am probably loosing compression through the rings right now. Maybe
I will put a new top end in first and see how that runs. Maybe that is where I am loosing my horsepower.

Which kits do you guys recomend? I have seen the ones in Dirt Wheels for the "add 6 hp to your machine". But I have been reading some
post and they say those work but you have to replace it often. I also have heard that the oem last the longest. Which should I get the
Stock, Wiseco, pro-x??? I am not a rich man and with another baby on the way, it is going to be even harder to stay with a fresh top
end every so often. I have gotten three season on my stock top end. Haven't changed it since I bought the quad. Which was purchased
new. What do you think?

Little confused. Some people say change them every ten hours and then some say change it when it needs it. I had a friend that
has a 250R and has it since he bought it new. He just changed the top end for the first time this year. The shop that did it said everything
still looked good with little wear. Still in good tolerance. So give me some insight.


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as u were saying about pistons.... myself for the price i would go for weisco pro lites they r good and inexpensive my Banshee is 4yrs old and i am running stock bore this winter will be the first bore job it has had now what i do is just do rings every yr and the thing runs fine and i have had no reliability problems yet so if your compression is below 100 then do the rings but if it is under 80-90 then i would consider doing a bore ... i do not let my bike get past 110 before i ring it those pistons that u r talkin about that give 8 hp the only difference that i see is the cutouts in the pistons for the price i would spend the cash on them
hope this helps

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