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What should I do....

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I can get ahold of a 30/44 from a narrow track for pretty cheap and would like to know if I can use these axles on my wide track to get a rock crawler or not. If not, I will probably buy them and re-sell them once I the wider axles (CJ-7 or Scout II axles). Thanks.....

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I wouldn't put narrow axles on if you are wanting to make a rockcrawler. The wider axles will perform much better as they add stability and more traction when you're all crossed up. Your last sentence lost me though about what your intentions are if you don't use them.

Thanks (more)....

What I meant to say is that I will buy the axles for now anyway (they are CHEAP and work). Then, if they wouldn't work for a rock crawler, I will go look for some Scout II or a 86 CJ-7 (with the rear 44) axles. Once I get and mount these, I will sell the narrow track and the stock wide track axles.

Thanks again and sorry for making my post sound like something from "Rainman".....
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If you have stock wide-track axles now, all you're really missing is a wide-track 44 rear if you plan to possibly use an '86 30/44 combo. The 44 narrow-track won't bolt in without moving the spring pads, BTW. The '55-'75 frames were narrower in the rear than are the '76 & ups. Also, that 30 will most likely have drum brakes, so you'll have to swap everything over from your current setup to keep disks. I'd say if the price is right, get 'em & sit on them until you can make some money on them (if you have the patience & space for that sort of thing), but I wouldn't bother putting them on your Jeep unless there's something mechanical wrong with your current wide-tracks.


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