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what nissan for me?

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i sae that this was most read/written forum so i try...

looking for a capable is awailable here in many forms..pick-ups, terranos, patrols...
what would be a good purchases for moderatte offroading and combinated with vereryday runner. Car could be an easily modified för 31'' or 32'' and easy to do a nice 1-3'' lift....and is there any locker available for these cars?

you guys are experts so please gimme some advice what to look and what to buy!

have a nice day!


the rookie...
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I had an 88 nissan back in the day but then switched over to toyota with an 92 and now i have a 03 tacoma. I will say i have been a toyota guy from the first day i drove my 92' It sounds to me if you would be willing to look into an other make go test drive a or doublecab tacoma 4x4 get the v-6(supercharger if you have the money)with the TRD package(rear locker,blisten shocks,progressive front coils,fender flares) It is a great truck and if you want to ask any questions please PM me. If not then ihope someone gives you some info on a nissan. good luck
so you have a jeep and a tacoma????
You are a trader!!
LOL what jeep do you recommened?
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Re: what Nissan for me?

yeah i liked my nissan but my two toyotas have been just that much better!! But if i wasn't going to have a toyota it would be a nissan !
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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