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What is this connector...pic included.

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Im trying to sort out the wiring on the Jeep (85 CJ7) and I was wondering if
anyone knew what is the 6 terminal connector (plug) that exits the main
wiring branch almost dead center in the engine compartment? It is a black,
flat connector about 1½" in width. Even though it is 6 terminals it
only has 5 wires.... black, lt blue, red, lt orange, BLANK, red/wht striped.

Again, it is located back in the main wiring branch near the firewall, right
about dead center. Can anyone shed light on what this connector if for? 1982-1990 jeeps should have this same plug. See attached pic.

Larry 85CJ7,350TBI,T19


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I'd guess it is for cruise control, but that's just a guess. My '81 didn't have that connector.

Terry L. Howe
I have a good idea but i will have to look at my 84CJ tonight. As soon as I have the info I will let you know. Just so I have it right...its on the firewall almost dead center?...any chance its just a little to the right of the engine?....if so then its part of the dist advance ckt. When u r adjusting the timming you unplud this connector so that your running off mech advance only.

Talk to you shortly.............John 84CJ

<<<<any chance its just a little to the right of the engine?>>>>

No, If anything it exits the main wiring branch a little closer to the drivers side.

Larry 85CJ7,350TBI,T19
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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