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What is the torque setting for shackle bolts??

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Does anyone know what the torque setting is for shackle bolts?

89 YJ -- rear shackles

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According to my Currie install-it-guide for the tow shackles, the center bolt is 75 ft-lbs and ends are 15 ft-lbs. That might be just for those shakcles though.

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If you want much flex in your suspension and don't wnat it to ride like it is solid mounted, tighten the bolts jsut enough so that they just barely begin to drag against the bushings. Use self locking nuts. If you are using shackles with a center bar, you can loosen that a bunch off pavement.

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If I remember correctly, the instructions for my old Rancho YJ lift kit said 40ft-lbs for the shackle bolts and 50ft-lbs for the bolt at the fixed end of the springs.

What do you mean shackles with a center bar?? I am installing hypershackles, does that have what your calling a center bar?

Hypershackles don't have a center bar.

for flex use nylock nuts and barly snug them down, probably 8-12lbs this way you won't put the bushings in a bind

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