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What is the minimun lift to run 35's? Or should I stay with 33's?(making a CJ7 streetable)

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What is the minimun lift to run 35\'s? Or should I stay with 33\'s?(making a CJ7 streetable)

Anyone know what is the mininum lift required to run 35's on a 1984 CJ7? I was thinking about swaping my flares over the newer TJ flares for clearance reasons (saw the tech article on's Jeep tech pages)or maybe just sticking wiht YJ flares if it's not much trouble to fit them to my vechile. I want to get away from the CJ7 rear flares. I'm getting a new glass tub, and when I hack it up for flares (if I need to) I want to make sure it's what's required and no more. This is mainly going to be a street Jeep and light offroading and beach use. People tell me that 4 inch spring lift (what I have now)with 33's or 35's won't exactly be a pleasant daily driver, and that's what I plan on this vechile to be once it's done. So maybe I should ask, if you were building a CJ7 for street use, what would you do suspension/tire wise? Also what about shocks? Any good brand anyone reccomends? What about the coilover 4-way shocks? Are they worth $50 each for street use? Any info is helpful. I don't want to buy combinations of parts and learn from trial and error of what works and what doesn't. Thanks

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Re: What is the minimun lift to run 35\'s? Or should I stay with 33\'s?(making a CJ7 streetable)

Your 4" lift will clear the 35's with some rubbing. Personallly for your use I would recomend runnig your existing lift with TJ flares and a shackes reversal kit. This would IMHO clear those tires great and ride well on the steet as long as you lower thefront bumpstop to keep you tires from murdering you front fenders. If you have any other questions feel free. Happy Jeepin
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