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What is the Electronic Feedback Valve?

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I am looking at purchasing the Carter BBD rebuilt carb from Quadratec. They have two listed for my vehicle (I have an 83 CJ7, 256 I-6, Carter BBD), one with Electronic Feedback Valve and one without. They couldn't tell me what it was so I could determine which I needed. I went through all my shop manuals and can't find any reference to the feedback valve. Does anyone know what this valve is and what I need to look for on my Jeep to determine if I need it?

I know many people don't like the Carter, but I need to keep my smog gear in working order, so the Carter is my only choice. I have thought about rebuilding mine, but Quadratec seems to replace a lot more than a general rebuilt kit will replace. Having someone rebuild it for me costs about the same as the ones from Quadratec.

Thank you for your help,
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Give these guys a call they are the AMC carb experts.

Take a look at the bottom of the page for number.

AMC Carbs
Never used them personally but know several that have, and they were happy. National Carbs has a good rep. But like everything, there can always be change
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