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What is the Electronic Feedback Valve?

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I am looking at purchasing the Carter BBD rebuilt carb from Quadratec. They have two listed for my vehicle (I have an 83 CJ7, 256 I-6, Carter BBD), one with Electronic Feedback Valve and one without. They couldn't tell me what it was so I could determine which I needed. I went through all my shop manuals and can't find any reference to the feedback valve. Does anyone know what this valve is and what I need to look for on my Jeep to determine if I need it?

I know many people don't like the Carter, but I need to keep my smog gear in working order, so the Carter is my only choice. I have thought about rebuilding mine, but Quadratec seems to replace a lot more than a general rebuilt kit will replace. Having someone rebuild it for me costs about the same as the ones from Quadratec.

Thank you for your help,
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I would assume that the Electronin Feedback Valve is the same as what is commenly called a stepper motor. Jeep used the BBD with and with out this motor and 83 was the change over year so it would make sence that both are listed. The stepper motor bolts to the back of the carb, and has two wires conected two it. Sorry I can't seem to find any pictures of this.

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