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What is the diffrence between.......

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I've read past posts and was just wondering, money or ease, cheapness or whatever, what gives the best ride??? Between, a soa,just a plain ole lift kit, and, a soa AND a lift kit combined?? No, I haven't figured out jus exactly what I'm going to use my jeep for, please pay close attention to the first part of the question also. Thanks ahead of time for your answers.

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SOA (spring over axle) simlply means setting your stock leave springs on top of the axle. If someone talks of combining a "lift kit" with SOA then they are typically referring to replacing there stock springs with springs which have a greater arch and setting the new springs atop the axles. Of course you can also just buy lift springs and leave them underneath the axles.

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Usually people that do SOA use their stock springs, this is done because it's cheaper and gives more articulation. When you ask, "is the ride any better?" as oppesed to using rearched springs instead of ome ones.... It really depends on the brand of lift kit springs and shocks you use. I would say, in general, that the ome springs give you a better ride than the run of the mill lift kit springs.

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To answer your question, SOA generally gives the best ride and can be the cheapest if you use your original springs and do it yourself. If you're lifting a CJ, you can go to Wrangler springs and get a "better" ride. Any arched springs will tend to ride stiffer than the original "flat" springs.

I always wonder why people say a SOA will cost less than a over-the-counter spring lift? A 2.5" spring lift cost what? 350.00 to 400.00. When going SOA you can keep your springs, but you will have severe drive line angles so a CV drive shaft is in order for lets say 200.00, extended brake lines at lets say 50.00,
new spring perches for 50.00 or so, new shock mounts 50.00, if you can't weld you will pay for this at lets say 50.00 an hour, You will then need to fabricate or buy an anti-spring wrap device at 100.00, High clearance steering will be in order because the bump-steer sucks. You get the picture, never let it be said that going SOA is CHEAP...To do it right will cost as much or more than a good SUA lift.
I didn't say "CHEAP." You can't compare the cost of an over the counter 2.5" spring lift to getting aprox 5.5 inches of lift by DOING IT YOURSELF. All of the mods you mention will have to be done whether you go SOA or get 5.5 inches of arched springs over the counter. I'm not sure you can find "conventional" springs arched more than about 4 inches which means you would need an additional body lift and the aditional mods required for that. If you only want 2.5 inches, by all means, go with new springs from someone like OME, but if you want more, SOA is your best bet. By the way, "anti-spring wrap device?" Not realy necessary, but you didn't include an inflated price for this so I'll let it go.

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