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What is involved in making an awesome Dune Buggy?

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I think they are really cool...what size engine do you guys use? How fast can you go? How many rpms do you crank? NOS? I can go to the dunes in beaver and if i had one of these man I could fly over all that stuff! Thanks guys

If its too loud, your too old
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Man, I think that is to big of a question. That's like asking about religon.
Buy "hot VWs" and "Sand Sports" mags. 714-693-1866 for subscription info. This will ejumakate you on buggies. Corey

Well the engine builder that does the drag boat motors for us also has a friend who has a sand rail that has a super-charged V6 that runs on nitro. R&B Machinery in Ontario, Ca did everything. They even designed the engine block themselves. Now there is a start for an awesome rail.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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