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What is an Odyssey Block worth?

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I have an old 84 250 Odyssey block. Its all in good shape, have a cylinder and top cap for it. Does anyone know what something like this might be worth?? Just a good guess would be fine for me

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Answer my own question

Its not worth anything, they are JUNK!
you can buy a new one with a water cooled haed for 250$ so I would say 100-175$...If i had the money I would buy it...I am in desperate need of a rebuild on my modified 84 250 odyssey...winch, custom winch bumper, custom carrying basket(borden milk crate), custom snorkel relocation, custom auxillary lights, 2 inch wheel spacers, and front shocks off of a toyota landcruiser...ect,ect....


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The last one I bought I gave $25 for. It wouldn"t be worth more than that.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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