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This is basically for personal enrichment, but I'd like to set the record straight.

If I have 3.73 r&p gears and went to 4.56, would that mean I went to a higher or lower ratio? I called two shops the other day to get a price for gears, labor, etc. One place asked if I wanted to go higher (such as 3.54) for better highway driving. I told them no and that I'd like to go lower for more power. Then I called another shop and told them I wanted some gears lower than 3.73. Then the guy asks what I had in mind and I told him 4.56 and he starts treating me like a jackass saying 4.56 is a higher number than 3.73 (as if calculus and physics didn't teach me that already - i was just phrasing it as the earlier shop told me).

So does anyone know which is which?

And since we're on the subject, I have a Ford 8.8" axle w/ a factory posi. If I wanted a locker, do I have to get a new carrier? And can the posi be removed while inside the axle like side and spider gears or do I have to pull the entire thing apart?

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4.56 is a lower gear ratio then 3.73. It is greater numerically, but it is a lower effective gear.

Simply, it takes 4.56 turns of the pinion gear to turn the ring gear a full revolution, vs 3.73 turns of the p gear to turn the ring gear a full revolution.

Any shop that doesn't know that 4.56s are "lower" then 3.73s is not one that I'd do any business with...

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