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What if I had an extra $100? What should I get?

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hey everyone,

My birthday is coming up soon and I need to give some ideas for what people can get me. Lets figure that a person is willing to spend $100. What would you suggest me getting for my CJ?

There is a bunch of info about my CJ on my site... Any suggestions?

Thanks guys.

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What do you need the most? If you need something that is more than $100, they could apply their money to help you get that expensive part. Just a thought.

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Tree saver
Snatch block
Tow strap
First Aid kit
New Cooler?
Camping equipment?
Seat covers that are easy to clean?
Shop towels! That water looked DEEP on your web site.
How about a snorkel for the driver to match the one on your JEEP

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1/2 gal of JACK D!!!!
a oversized gas tank/ fuel cell 22gal..
a school girls outfit for yur jeep chickie..
a batgirl outfit for your jeep chickie...
a 1/2 gal of JACK D!!!!
saddle bags
thumper bumper w/ reciver hitch..
freebird box set..

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