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what do you guys think of this

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now that the old xj is gone i am think about my next project, what do you guys think of a 97-99 xj with dana 44 rear dana 30 front locked in both axle with 33's and a 4 or 5 inch lift and a 4.0 auto. what kinda gas mileage do you thik i will get with the 4.0 and the 33's. also since i am only 18 i dont have much money to fix major things when they break do you think i will have problems with it or not cuz it will be my daily driver as well. sorry if i was not clear with what i said.thaks s for the help
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Yup, I agree, go with the KISS concept (keep it simple stupid). Get an older one and don't worry about huge tires and mega lift till you have a real career or job going and can afford all the goodies. You can still have ALOT of fun with a fairly stock XJ. A 90 thru 93 is going to be easier to lift later anyway, you can get them reasonably priced, and they get fair mileage. Your insurance is going to be high cause your 18 and it's a 4x4 but at least, around here anyway, they are considered station wagons LOL so that helps a little. A budget boost will allow clearance for 30" tires if you have a hard on for bigger tires and it will look good too. Good luck huntin one up.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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