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what do you guys think of this

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now that the old xj is gone i am think about my next project, what do you guys think of a 97-99 xj with dana 44 rear dana 30 front locked in both axle with 33's and a 4 or 5 inch lift and a 4.0 auto. what kinda gas mileage do you thik i will get with the 4.0 and the 33's. also since i am only 18 i dont have much money to fix major things when they break do you think i will have problems with it or not cuz it will be my daily driver as well. sorry if i was not clear with what i said.thaks s for the help
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Man this is a hard one for me not to jump down on a new(new to be) XJ'er...SO I will be nice and only say, K.I.S.S. Get an older one 89-94(b/c the 97+ ones suck a$$ to lift more problems with vibes and some newer ones have LP D30s
...I could keep going but I will be nice...If your only 18 then go cheap, learn how to fix you junk and have fun at the same time. In other words Dont waste your moneu on a newer one...andy
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