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What do I have?2.5" or 4" ProComp lift?

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What do I have?2.5\" or 4\" ProComp lift?

I recently purchased a 93"YJ and I know it has a suspension lift but I'm not sure how big? I am looking into buying "swaybar disconnects" but I'm not sure what length I should buy so please HELP.... The only thing I can tell you is that I do run 33" BFG,on 15"x8" rims with extended "Zenon" flares and they do not rub. I have about 2" of clearance on the flares and the shocks are definitely "ProComp". It might have a shackle lift also, but I really can't tell.
If you need more info. ,please let me know.....Thanks

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Re: What do I have?2.5\" or 4\" ProComp lift?

I think the easiest way to tell if you've got a 2.5" lift or a 4" lift would be the size of the spacers in the transfer case drop kit, assuming you have one. A 4" lift kit would have a 1.5" - 1.75" transfer case drop kit, or thereabouts, I think ,and a 2.5" lift kit would have a .5" to .75" drop, or thereabouts. The procomp 4" kit comes with cylindrical spacers for the drop, and I know some of the 2.5" kits come with a flat metal spacer with the 3 holes in it.

The stock shackles are stamped sheet metal, and I think are 3" or 4" in length, bolt center to bolt center. If you have something made out of flat steel plate in the 1/4" to 3/8" thick range, you've got aftermarket or homemade shackles.

Good luck

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Re: What do I have?2.5\" or 4\" ProComp lift?

If your clearing 33s with no rub (at all, ever, wow!) then most likely you have the 4" lift kit. Park your Jeep next to a stock one and compare shackles. If your shackles are really long then you'd have handling problems.
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