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What Carrier sizes for D30 & D44

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I need to find out what carrier to use for my gear change. I have a D44 and D30 in the Jeep, currently 3.30 gears. Hoping to switch to 3.73's very soon. I have purchased an ARB for D30 that is for low gears. Does this work with 3.73's. Also, what ARB do I need for the D44 to install the same gears..


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the dana 30 has a carrier change between the 3.54 and 3.73 ratios. the dana 44 has a change between 3.73 and the next one, 4.09 i think. if you are going from 3.30 gears in the dana 44 to 3.73, you do not need to change the carrier.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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