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Im using a lot of stainless bolts on my project, but the only places I am going to use the stock Button Head torx style are on my dash and the ones for my rocker and corner panels. This is a smooth and funcional solution (safety in the cockpit and easy wipe downs in both areas). They ARE soft and can only be removed and removed once or twice before the inside hex starts to mush out.
There is no way I am going to use button heads for my seat brackets or any other place needing a lot of torque.
The stainless bolts I liked the best have been the grade 8's with the small 6 point heads like the ones Totally Stainless sold me for my I-6 manifold.
I used several grade 8 stainless bolts and lock washers on my engine - brackets and such - but only standard hex head and only with silicone anti-seize. This silvery stuff was recommended by my fastener store and is made for OX sensors and exhaust bolts, etc. Using a Met-Wrench stlye of sockets and wrenches aren't a bad idea either since these don't round off the hex head points like standard tool do.

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