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what bikini top can I use?

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ok, here's the situation: I have a newer style YJ rollbar (the kind that extends over the back seat) in my 84 CJ-7, but I don't have the bars that go to the windshield (ran into some trouble getting them on the CJ windshield frame). My old CJ bikini top will not fit due to the different rollbar design, and looking through all of my catalogs, it looks like all the YJ bikini tops attach to the side bars. Will one of those work on my CJ without having those side bars? Anyone ever put those bars in a CJ? Any tips/pics of how they made them work?
Thanks, as usual,

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The Best Top will work, but flap around a bit. I have the same problem on my 89 I built a roll cage using a 94 roll bar. My cage spreader bars are inward of the stock spreaders, so When I take off the stock spreader bars in the summer so that I can drop the window, then the bikini top side straps cant reach the roll cage bars. it still works though, it just flaps a little,(not to bad because you still tighten both sides and the middle rear ward with the straps provided.
89 Wrangler

What kind of bikini top did you originaly have? I have an 87YJ with the CJ style bar. I have been looking for a replacement from a newer jeep and have given a lot of thought to how to use a CJ Bikini top with it because you can get it tighter than one made for a wrangler. I don't know if it will work, but I thought to use footman loops on the arched support bars. I would cut an oblong hole in the padding and cover and screw that footman loop in there. That way I'd have a place to run the back straps to.

Just a thought until I find a newer style bar.
good luck.

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I don't remember what brand my original CJ bikini top is, but it's the kind that attaches to the later style CJ rollbar. It has a strap the runs under the top to the front windshield frame and attaches to the loop thingy. Then it has two straps that wrap around the "joints" on the top of the rollbar hoop.

H8Monday...thanks for the info.

Dan 84 CJ-7,Weber,HEI. 95 ZJ,V8.
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