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What other model and year axles will direchly fit my 74 CJ5?
What do I need to do to run wrangler springs in the rear?
does anyone aside from M.O.R.E. make frame reinforcement plates for a 74 CJ5?
How about shackle reversals?
Does anyone know..... Gibby


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Gibby, there is no direct bolt in axles for the 72-75 CJs. Commando axles will work but the spring perches have to be moved on them.
To be able to use YJ springs on a 74 CJ, the spring and shackle hangers have to be swapped for the rear ones off a 76-86 CJ since the YJ springs are 2.5" wide and the 74 CJ springs are only 1.75". If you need more info on this swap then how are you going to be setting it up? SUA or SOA? What type of tranny and tcase are you going to use, or going to upgrade to? Stock YJ springs or lifted springs?
Don`t know about shackle reversals but read an article about how swapping to stock YJ springs, or any other flat spring, negates the benefits of a shackle reversal.

`75 CJ-5, 304, T-18/D300,
SOA w/YJ springs, D30/D44,
still under construction

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I have a set of axels for a 74 if you are looking for axels
a d30 open and a d44 with an ARB they have 3.73 and front and rear disk brakes
if you are interested e-Mail me [email protected]

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