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Good point about liability. Unfortunately, with our current courts, all someone has to do is drop anything you sell them on their toe and they can sue you./wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif I'm sure has disclaimers so they are not liable for damages caused by bad advice posted by users on this board (like that would ever happen), but you supplying the information and the parts could be different.

What about people who sell special parts for York air installs like brackets and pulleys? It seems to me like they have the same problem of endorsing a modification and supplying parts for it. It might be worth talking to them about how they handle (or don't handle) liability. Maybe while your talking to them, you can arrange to be a dealer for some of these unique products.


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the only thing I've gotten for my Jeep(s) by going into the store were the tires, everything else was mail order or e-mail order. Packaging as mentioned before is definately a BIG problem I've run into, not necessarily with the people who deliver it, but the way you package it. I got a brake booster and master cylinder from Collins Bros. that was put into a ramsey winch box and wrapped in paper...that's it...needless to say I sent it back. But when I got my lift, it was put in boxes, surrounded by peanuts and even though the box was pretty thrashed, everything inside was in perfect shape. Another company I like is 4wd Hardware. A)they've got my name and vehicles in their computer and b)their customer service is great. I've recommended them to a lot of people. I've had problems with Quadratec, but they've got prompt delivery so I'll probably go back. What it ALL comes down to is making the customer happy. 4wd Hardware will sit and talk to you about the mods you're doing and help you out in anyway they can, I like that. And on that, I've never ordered from MORE, but see their name a lot on this bbs and plan on getting my next group of Jeep goodies from them bassed on that.

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4wd hardware is my first choice b/c of customer service. From the limited experiance with MORE they have good customer service also and they were able to customize my order by giving me a discount for parts that I didn't need out of their frame plate kits. Friendlyness, customer service and good parts are some of the most important things to keep customers.

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Liability is an issue. Depending on the courts, and what is admissable in court, is how good(comprehensive) your liability needs to be. I go rock climbing a lot. Walk into a climbing specialty store and ask to see one of the liability statements with any piece of protective gear. You don't get a statement, you get a packet half as thick as a pocket bible. Well, of course I'm exaggerating, but you get my point. It is impossible to cover everyting some idiot might do with your product.

Check with some law firms in your area. A lot of them already have liability statements written up. Getting them to adapt it for your specific business needs should only be a couple hundred dollars. It is the secretary that would do it, all the lawyer would do is read over it. At least that is the way it is done most of the time, according to some lawyers that I have spoken to.

Liability can quickly become a headache if not done properly. Good luck. Hope you have a friend who is a lawyer or know someone's bor/sis who is. That would save on the cost issue.

Good Luck.

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