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I have been operating a very successful on-line supply business.
We went from 100% local business to 50% mail order in just over 2 years and have learned a lot from this change from over-the-counter to over-the-web.
Our customers don't mind that we do not have all the bells and whistles of other, more fancy sites as long as we keep delivering quality, price and fast service.
From the feed-back we recieve, we have learned that price, speedy and knowledgable service is the key. Plus swift correction of any and all problems.
Customers are very forgiving if you will quickly admit an error and quickly correct it. And give them the benifit of a doubt.
Loosing money on a bad sale to quickly fix a problem leads to customer loyalty and more (profitable) sales to that person. Plus, they will tell their friends how well they were treated and say "You can't go wrong with them".
Lastly, good packaging will make the difference. A great product at a great price delivered at lightning speed is still a bad deal if it arrives mangled at the hands of notroiously heavy handed delivery carriers.
Heavy metal parts are especially prone to damage due to under protected packaging.

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