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I'm trying to raise money to put one ton's under my jeep. What I need to know is what I might be able to get for my old axles. they're on a 79 CJ7. I know that the narrows are not as wanted, but these are built kind of nice. So, what's your opinion on what they are worth:

Front dana 30 with warn premium hubs(6bolt),4:10 gears with few miles,detriot EZ-locker.

Rear amc 20 with mosser one piece axles,4:10 gears done at same time as front, and EZ-locker.

Front has one U-joint that is bad and the 20 needs new outer axle seals.
I know that they are not all that but they have to be worth something to someone. So what do you guys think I might could get for them. Plus if your interested in them let me know.

I also have a Dana 44 that is disassembled. I got it on a trade and don't know anything about it. I think that is complete. can take pic's if interested.
Thanks for your time.


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Off hand I'd say $400 for the front and maybe $500 for the rear, but that'd be about it. Remember, the sum is not equal to the parts individually.

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