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What were the major body changes to the CJ-5 and when did they occur? I am trying to figure out which years you can swap parts between.


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To the best of my knowledge the bodies on 55-71s were essentially the same. In 72 jeep switched over to saginaw steering, and put a double master cylinder on the firewall. They also moved the gas tank to the rear and extended the front clip 4" to clear the I6 and V8 engines. Then in '76 it was totally redesigned and only the front clip is the same. The only major deference on early 5s I can think of is that the really early ones used wood for floor support which can be problematic, but I'm not sure when this stopped. Also the really early ones had Willys stamped in the side making them even cooler. If you want to look a bit different you could bolt on postal Jeep grille. Hope this helps. Happy Jeepin'

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