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I'm looking for the ideal axles to put under my narrow track CJ 7. I'm looking for a 1/2 or 3/4 ton axle without C clips. I was originally going to go with full width Chevy axles (about 67 inches if I remember correct) but the Dana 60 is to heavy and expensive and the 14 bolt is way to big and too low to the ground. Then I was going with Scouts (58 inches wide I think) but I'm not sure if they are wide enough since YJs are about 60 inches. These will be used for some pretty extreme rock crawling but only motivated by a torquey V6 and 35 inch tires (yes 35s seem big for the v6 but I think I have the gearing figured out). So what is the idea axle front and rear (without being custom cut or spending a lot of money) in your opinion. Any thought would help since I keep going in circles. Thanks.

Tim Springer
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i believe you are mistaken.. the scout axles are at least as wide as a yj..62" i think.. i know i had a widetrack cj and i had to cut off 3" to make the front d-44 from a scoutII match the rear. they are good axles, but d-44's from a full size truck have thicker axle tubes(much thicker) i think mine are only about 7/16 thick.. way plenty but could be better...of course then you run into bolt pattern problems with a full size, but the outers from a scout will fit..

it's sort of still a cj thingy....

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Scout rear axles are 58". Narrowing the front to match the rear wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing on a YJ. It would allow you to run a more "normal" backspaced wheel and not have quite as much tire past the fender flares that is common on YJs when using standard wheels.

Jim O'Brien
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