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I have a 92 4.3 with the 700 4 speed auto out of a 2 wheel drive truck. In my pile of t-cases I have a dana 20 from a 75 CJ-5 a NP 205 out of a 74 W200 dodge and a NP229 out of a 85 Cherokee (witch has the front output on the wrong side). I want to know what my best and cheapest route would be. The NP 205 is a divorced mount which would be ok but I have some driveline length problems. I am not sure if you can make a divorced case non divorced? Also while the 205 is bulletproof it has a sad low range as does the dana 20. The adapter for the dana 20 to the 700 runs about $700 from AA and that is more than I want to spend. Please let me know if there are any easily obtainable (and cheap) gm t-cases that would mate right up.


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