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have a 1995 2.5L manual wrangler that whant to make an automatic, was told that a aw4 asin trasmition fits it. have anyone made a 2.5L an automatic.

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Without anyone else offering any advice.....

I'm uncertain about the AW4 trans. The 30rh or it's 904,909,999 equivalent will work and will be simple to install. The throttle linkage controls the shifting ...and I don't believe that your year offered a lock up converter in the 4 banger.

IF you go with a DC trans it MUST come from a 4 banger (Wrangler, Cherokee, Dakota).

You must also change the input splines on your t-case..

Someone else may have alternatives to offer you.

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Junk yard search engine that works well. I just yanked an ax-5 in my '94. Bought a 904 trans from a '94 to drop in it. It is a 23 spline output, where your t-case is a 21 spline input. I went with a Dana 300, so it wasn't an issue. You'll need a 231 from behind any auto, or a six manual. You'll also need a flex plate (flywheel) for the auto. Tip: there's one on Ebay right now for $5.00 starting bid. Search: Jeep flywheel

You can buy the kickdown cable (tvs cable) from the dealer for around $35.00 and the brackets are all there already. You must run this cable with Mopar trannies because it regulates fluid pressure.

That said, I believe the AW4 may be a 21 spline output, so you should research it further. Not sure if it's a comp. controlled lock-up or not. If so, then there are other issues we can get into if need be.

There is plenty of info on the Pirate board about this, but be advised to search first. ...and only post the question in the newbie forum after you search. Otherwise you'll sift through pages of flames.....

Email me if ya want: [email protected]
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