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WestLAEngine Rip-Off

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I bought a 3.1L engine from West LA Engine RIP OFF in August. I was told I would receive 250.00 for a good core. The 3.1 was running, but too many miles. In order to ship it back I paid $175.00 for return shipping of the core. The motor was shipped and about 2 weeks later my mechanic installed the motor. About 3 weeks later he called me and asked where the call tag was so he could return the motor. After a couple of weeks of trying to contact WestLAEngine and phone calls, they got back to me. After several back and forth calls, the told me that the time to return the engine was past due and that they would only give me $125.00 for a good core. I asked them why they had not included the call tag with the motor they shipped and they told me I would have to contact them to get the pick up scheduled. I asked them if I could just get the $175.00 refunded then as it would save money. They said they would check on it. I have emailed them and tried calling, but have not heard from them. I have requested they contact me so if they will not refund the $175.00 they will issue a call tag so I can ship the motor to them. NO Response.
I encourage no - one to deal with West LA Engine.
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That really bites mindbender

I had to eat the core as hosehead put a rod out the block when he backed it into the ocean.

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