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Hi guys, Remember me sometime back. I was interested in buying a jeep but then changed my mind because they were too expensive. Well looks like I'm getting a TJ this weeken if not sooner. I'm really excited about it. I have a couple of ?'s: is there anything i should look out for on the TJ's(chances are its a 98 sport tj)? Its going to be my first ever jeep, is there any little tricks i need to know? Anything that you all learned when you got your jeeps. etc etc. what about electrical problems. etc etc. just give advise that any new jeeper needs.

Thanks your help will be greatly appreciated


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Well, congrats on your pending entry into 'the brotherhood'. With a '98 Sport, you should be okay. The scariest thing about buying a used Jeep is that some folks out there do some pretty scary stuff to there jeeps without much thought. Don't get me wrong, the endless possibilities and modifications are a great part of Jeeping, but some folks do things that don't make sense, are unsafe, or are just stupid. With older Jeeps, you've really gotta look at anything that's been done to 'modify' it (basicall, anything that wasn't put there by the manufacturer). With a '98, it's probably still under warranty, so most people wouldn't have done much to it yet. Still, be aware, and ask a lot of questions (if it's the original owner you're buying from, if it's a dealer, don't bother - he doesn't know, and may lie to make the sale). Good luck, and happy Jeepin'!


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Basically, you have to wave to all the Jeeps you see on the road. It's a law. If you don't wave, the Jeep Police can take away your Jeep. It's actually a pretty serious offense. Some of the dealers will make you sign a contract to wave, and if you don't, man, you can get in some serious trouble..... ;)

Seriously, though. They are bad on gas, noisy, and bumpy, and drafty with a soft-top. They leak when it rains, and you can't lock 'em if you've got a soft top. You can't fit much in 'em, and if you want to take 4 people anywhere, they can hardly take a sweatshirt with 'em if it's not on their body.

...and I'll have mine until I die. :)

Check with some of the TJ people, or a dealer, and see if the recalls have been done. I'm not a TJ guy, but I think they may have had some recalls for exhaust manifold studs, or something like that....

Buy it - You'll love it.
Good luck,

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If at all possible make sure it has the Dana 44 rear and an auto trans (if you plan on doing serious rock crawling.).

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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Pros and cons to the automatic tranny (people of different faiths on this issure). Only con to the D44 is NOT having one.
Don't ask your friendly Jeep dealer about off roading. A bit of an interpertation problem. Off roading to the Jeep dealer means that you park on the grass next to your drive way, or you have a gravel drive instead of a paved one. To some it means being able to get closer to the edge of the creek on a nice sunny day and to others means keeping at least one wheel on the ground . . . . . . . . . most of the time.
Enjoy, have fun, keep your sense of humor even when the sky is beneath your wheels, and stay on friendly terms with your banker, sugar daddy, mommy or baby which ever is applicable, wave at the rest of us whether we have any or all wheels on the ground or not, learn how to say "locker", "crawl ratio" and "my next mod will be ...."
Happy Jeepin'

Doug '97 TJ
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