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Hey Brownbagg! I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune.

I'm not one to encourage lawsuits against honest employers. But no reason you can't use it to you advantage. They're scared to death your going to sue them, so just keep them under your thumb to be as comfortable as can be expected. Keep complaining about the food. Tell them how long it's been since you had a nice thick juicy Porterhouse steak. Tell them how much weight you've lost (It's OK to lie a little).

I hope this isn't true where you are, but I've noticed around here that most of the nurses and other health care workers are a little "out of shape" shall we say........I also notice them all hanging around outside the hospital door having a smoke since it's not healthy to do it inside the hospital! ! !

Here in rural Michigan we're all "corn-fed".

Get well soon.

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