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Weekend encouragement note.....kick\'n the habit!!

Regarding the post by S'Wheeler and her upcoming kick-the-butt project: "Now that you are away from work for two days, DON'T DO anything that you usually do! Don't stay home and wash clothes; don't clean the house.
GO someplace that is intentionally chosen for it's butt-free environment, and when you've finished there go to ANOTHER PLACE that is smoke-free.
Don't take any cigs with you when you drive, and don't bum any where you visit.
SPEND THE DAY hopping from one USED CAR lot to another if need be; just so you are doing something DIFFERENT.
I've taken a recent poll, and the considered opinion is that SKIN DOES suffer from smoking, so if yours hasn't attained the fine quality and texture of a Kenworth truck seat cover, just give it time.
....or you could make darn sure that your most recent project is a success.
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