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I was at the office Monday and found myself looking at Weber prices and I completely lost my head. Next thing I knew I was hitting the "submit order" button and I had a new carb on my table on Tuesday at noon, and a huge boost to my Visa card. Oh well, only thing to do now is remove the Carter and start enjoying life once again. I'm gonna rebuild the Carter and hold on to it in case I need it for the inspection next August.

Question 1: Which vaccuum lines and pulse air parts can I joyfully rip out of the engine compartment?

Question 2: I did the Nutter by-pass a few weeks ago and would like to know if I need to reverse the Nutter (re-connect the computer) or just reconnect the dist vac line to manifold vac?

Question 3: Here in Louisiana, the inspectors can't remove any parts when they do their visual. Has anyone rigged a "look alike" set up under the hood to get by the visual and avoid re-installing the Carter? Maybe a "dummy" air cleaner with no bottom placed over the K&N with hoses attached, looking like they are functioning.

Question 4: What other "experience tips" can all you Weber owners offer to avoid the "troubleshooting" page?


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Hey Doug,

If you need any help, just email me. I've done all your going to do except the Nutter bypass which I hope to do this weekend.

[email protected]

85 CJ8,258,Weber32/36,4" BDS lift,4.10,35"tires,f/r lockers
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