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SO I just had a brand new Weber 38/38 carb. put on. It replaced a Holley 4300 2barrel, that under no circumstances would pass emmisions. So I'm driving the CJ home and notice a hissing sound. Could this be a vacuum leak or is it just noisy. All of the vacuum lines look to be on properly, and the shop that did it is very reputable. Also, the linkage that changes the direction of the cable seems to be very loose. It has several nuts that hold it on. should I tighten them or leave the loose. I know squat about the Weber and am going to buy the manual soon. If anyone has any tips also, that would be cool.



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I would say there should be no loose nuts around here but me.

Your linkage should be firmly bolted on. The hissing noise could be the Weber taking in air, but it also could be something else left loose by your reputable shop.

I'd take it back to them right now!

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