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Hello everyone, I just put a Weber on my 720. I like the results. The stock carb had the float bowl vent
pluged. Should I just do the same on the Weber? Where else would you route a line from the vent?
Anyone in Texas had problems passing inspection with a Weber?

Also any opinions on what header would best fit an 84 KC 4x4?

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The float bowl should vent right to the charcoal canister. It uses a vacuum line a little bigger than the normal ones. I did have
some trouble passing inspection in PA. They didn't like the fact that my EGR system was disconected, it also failed NOxs
obviously. So I just conected the EGR lines to what I though were the right ports on the carb and it passed. It acts a little funny
off idle now so I might disconect the EGR again, we'll see.

'86 720 "The Stain"
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