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Weber Carb Help

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Hi all,
I need help with my Weber carb on my YJ. I can't get the choke to work. I have a 12 going to the choke module, but the damn thing will never shut off. If you pull the choke plate back and then hit the throttle, it shuts off and goes to normal idle, but as soon as you hit the gas without pulling the plate back it goes right back on and goes to high idle. This is new carb so I don't think that anything should be sticking. Is there anything else that needs to be hooked up besides the 12 ?? Do any vacum lines control the choke?

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You shouldn't have to hook up a new wire, just use the wire that went to the old choke on the Carter. Did you get the 32/36 or 38deg Weber?

When you say it will never shut off, do you mean the wire is hot all the time? That's not right. The wire should be hot only when the engine is running. It's switched by oil pressure.

If the power is working properly, maybe the choke is not adjusted properly. There are 3 screws around the plastic heating element. Loosen them and rotate it until the choke plate starts to open to see is it's too tight. Make note of how the marks on the rim are alligned so you can put it back where it was if you need to.

The choke plate on my brand new Weber was sticking shut. I loosend the 2 screws that hold the plate in and realligned it so it works freely.

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Everything seems to operate pretty freely, but I will double check. The original wire for the choke, should only have powere when the engine it running?? I will double check that as well. When I say it won't shut off I mean, the choke plates are closed and the high idle cam is kicked on. It just stays like that. You can manually pull the butterflies back and hit the gas. Then the butterflies will stand straight up and it will go to normal idle, but as soon as you hit the gas, butterflies close and high idle again.

When you check your 12V wire, make sure you have a full 12V, not just current. Wiring over time can get "dirty" and not provide full current at the terminal. From what you described, it sounds like you just need to adjust the choke. Mine did not come properly adjusted from the factory. You can adjust the high idle also. The adjustment screw is tough to see, but it is located behind the choke device where the 12V wire connects.

These are the latest results. Tonite, (25 degree weather) the choke is open completely. No high idle. I hit the gas several times and it stays open. I hook the 12 to the choke and it closes and stays closed. I left it on there for about 20 mins and the longer I waited, the harder the choke closed. Not binding, but your could feel the pressure increasing if you tried opening the butterflies with your finger. After I took the 12 off and waited for about 20 mins, hit the gas and the choke opened up and the high idle clicked off. Seems to me it is working backwards!!! I wonder if the spring is wrapped the wrong way in the choke. Shouldn't it be closed when it is this cold out???


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