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Today (May 21) was my one year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful Jeepchick. To celebrate, I spent to equivalent of a complete lift and tires on her. Best money ever spent. For you all who are soon to be married....congrats and man you'll love the married life!
Sorry....just had to tell somebody!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeep...need I say more?


I am getting married on June 9th in GA. So time here on the BBS seems hard to come by here lately. I would rather spend what little time I can come up with working on the ol' Jeeps. I'm still not going to have near enough time to finish all the stuff that I planned on doing to the YJ before the wedding. Esp. b/c I aquired another Jeep. Lots of stuff to do to the waggie to get it in good driving condition.

Good news is that when I offered to sell my Jeep under the condition that I can get another one soon, she told me not to do it that I enjoyed it too much. So the YJ was kept, and a waggie was added for commuting.


[]llll[] '90 YJ & '88 Grand Waggie

I've been married for 32 years to the same women and a little advice that I can give you is that always put her first above any body or any thing and she'll always put you first.
And one other thing that has been very important,never ever go to bed mad at each other even if you have to stay up all night, settle it today no matter what that way you won't start out tomorrow with a problem I know that this sounds simple but it has worked for us for the last thirty two years.


Steelerfan,,,,,,those were indeed words of wisdom,,,you have me beat by a year. For me it was 31 this past April.
I can't tell you how many nights I lost sleep... trying to hash it all out and wishing she would just drop it<grin>
But your right, Get it cleared up the day/night the arguement started is something I strongly believe myself.


Man, guys I'm tearing up here.

If we're giving marital advice here now also, I'll throw in my 2 cents too. In every dissagreement, I ask myself, "Is this hill worth dying for?" The answer is usually "No". Don't sweat the small stuff.

If you think you need to change her or save her, you married the wrong chic. The only person you're capable of changing is yourself. And most of us are not very good at that.

The intelligent man will admit his faults. If not to his JeepChic, to himself and God. And he will diligently try to become a better man.

Finally, NO ONE, NO THING has the power to make you happy. That power is held by you ONLY. Happiness is not determined by surroundings. It is a DECISION that can only be made by you.

Sorry if I sound "preachy". I got chewed out by a client today, had to bust a$$ on a rush case, had to work late, got chewed out by my mom, got thrown up on by my son. In all, a pretty good day. This is life.


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