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Waterproofing Tuffy boxes

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I've got the rear tuffy lockbox and I love it, but it's a little less than waterproof. I was thinking of spraying the interior edges and corners with the stuff they used to spray on the underneath of frames and wheel wells -- you know the stuff. Think it would work if I sprayed it pretty thick? Otherwise I may have to piece some from around it, but the spray seems better. Comments?

93 YJ, 4.0L, Tuffy'ized interior
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I am not exactly sure of your set up but why not use silicone sealer on one side and waxed paper on the other to get a perfectly formed gasket.Put the waxed paper on the side you do not want sealed and the silicone on the other.
Just be sure the wax paper does not rip and allow the sealer to stick to both sides.

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