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Waterproofcover for Jeep

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I have been looking for a full cab waterproof Cover to put over my jeep. I have a '63 jc5 with a koenig hardtop and need to cover the whole thing. Is there a good one out there? What I have seen are Breather types that do not fully protect the vehicle from the rain. If someone can steer me in the right direction that would be great.
Dan Stewart

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Quadatratec Jeep Essentials, and 4WD Hardware have rain covers. I have one to fit my Scrambler. They're made by "Raingear" and are good protection.
I like to keep the top off, and overnight use the raingear to keep dry - they work good. Don't know the exact composition, but it's like canvas with a thin rubber
lining - no moisture!

Keep on Jeepin'
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