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Warrior help needed, please!

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OK, I've exhausted every angle that I know. I have a 1996
Yamaha Warrior that was all stock, and ran good. Wanted a little
more performance, so I put on an FMF Megamax pipe, and installed
a K&N filter. Took it out for a spin, and it runs great on the low end,
but starts to miss (BAD!) and run rough after around 4-5000 rpm.
Feels like it is hitting a rev limiter only at half throttle.
Looked at the plug and it was a little light, and running too lean.

Pulled the stock 145 main jet and put in a 155. Still runs exactly the
same, but the plug looked better. OK, pulled the airbox lid. Same thing.
Pulled the 155 main and put in a 165 main. Still runs bad enough that
you don't even want to ride it. Dropped the needle clip one notch. Same
thing. Put it back to the center position. Plug looks beautiful now. Light
chocolate brown. Air box lid back on. Losing more hair out of my already
bald head.

Pulled the carb and cleaned it (Was spotless inside). Checked float level,
which was fine. Pulled the intake while I had the carb off to check for rips
in the rubber. No leaks. Runs the same. Dumped the gas and checked for
water in the tank......Nope. Ran a compression-all was fine....

Now here's the one that sent me whimpering.......
Decided to put it all back to stock. Everything back: pipe, air cleaner, jetting,
everything. Runs just the same. Missing like crazy. Sooooo, I decided it must
be in the ignition. Changed the coil. (Had a buddies '96 warrior handy) Runs the
same. Swapped CDI's. Same thing. Even got mad enough that I pulled the stator
and swapped them. The DANG thing still won't run right!!

Does any one have any ideas?! What the heck have I overlooked? I have been
fooling with atv/motorcycle, boat, car and snowmobile motors for the better part
of 25 years, and this one has me completely baffled......Any ideas would be greatly



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It may be your reverse switch. Try running a wire from your reverse switch directly to the negative terminal on the battery. Warriors have been known for this problem.

Boomer 99 Wolverine
this might sound funny, but i had a stock warrior, and it started running like crap all of a sudden, it turned out to be the clutch safety switch. i by-passed it and machine ran fine after that... it something to check real quick.

good luck

Boomer, since only one wire goes to the reverse switch, I presume you mean to ground the wire that goes into the harness (And on to the CDI, I guess), and not the wire coming out of the switch?

Davez, I will try that also and see what happens. I have a few things to go on now.

Thanks guys,


Hey Cardiac,
I have a 2000 Warrior and I have had some problems like what you are having! First off try this = Bore 8 1inch holes on the lid of your airbox gives it plenty of air but water and mud can get in easier so put some kinda screen on the bottom of the lid keeps stuff out! And Second Where the parking brake to the right there are two switches the one on the bottom and one on the top take the stop one and cut the switch off don't be worried does nothing but should help it all! it might be the reverse switch make sure it ain't touching nothing!

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I made a post to your problem back when you first Posted for help go back and read it should clear all your probs bud! If not something very wrong should call Yamaha!

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So far I have grounded the reverse switch, disconnected the tail light, and removed the parking brake switch. No luck so far. I still have to try the clutch interlock switch. I do have holes in the airbox, with the Unifilter screen plugs in the holes. (Got 10 of 'em). Thanks for all the replies so far, guys. I'll get to them bottom of this yet!!

Happy Holidays, Bob

sorry to hear of all your a warrior 350 like an RD350 powervalve
bike engine.?

If so some yrs ago I had my own repairs firm...had a really stubborn one...wouldn't rev' over 4500-5000 under load

to cut a VERY long story short..despite compression being ok turned out to be worn top-end causing it.....owner was strapped for cash and tried slick 50 which actually worked..for a while...really needed top-end overhaul though.

Apologies if the warrior engine is not related to the bike one in question but it just seemed v.similar problem

Hey, my brother has a 95 warrior, and ran fine low end, when it was opened up it would miss and wanted to die, tightend up the pipe and made sure there was no leaks, it runs great now. Hope this helps.

buy a real atv honda

S230ATV, thanks for the tip. How childish of you. Now go to your room.



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