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Warn Rock Crawling Championships-First Impressions

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I usually hang out on the Toyota Board, but Had such a great time I thought I would share it, and sway anoyone who may be thinking about going out there.

They ran two trails. Sledgehammer and Wrecking ball. I was watching Wrecking ball. I am in awe. Waaaaay too much action to describe. Lets just say 35 inch tires look too small, and they didn't do well. Busted u-joints, drive shafts, front hubs, burnt clutches, mangled sheet metal, gear oil on the rocks, parked rigs, swearing, etc., etc.

They had to shorten the trail by about one-third (at least) due to carnage and time factors. Got some great video footage, deep down in the rocks. Lots of welding in the pits and some on the trails.


I need to re-group and buy a bigger battery for my cam-corder.

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Felgin, is there less winching than there was in Farmington. That was the biggest complaint here, it turned into a winchfest. Some of the obstacles were just physically impossible. I'm sure either way it is a good time, I spent 2 days at the one in Farmington. BTW, for anyone that is interested, our club, the Rockgarden 4Wheelers will be having a competition in April the week before Moab at the Rockgarden near Farmington. Best part, no winching allowed, you get disqualified form that obstacle if you do. And the obstacles are DRIVEABLE, by a good driver with a well equipped machine.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
I also was watching Wreaking Ball on Saturday. What a blast!
I'm thinking about going back today for the finals.
Currie and Tri-County are tearing up the courses. These guys can drive!
I thought my rig was finished, but after seeing some of those rigs......

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