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Warn Overdrive Mated W/ a Muncie SM420 or 460

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Will a Warn Overdrive handle the torque of a Muncie SM 420 or 460? The Muncie and Overdrive will be ran behind a Chev. 258cu V8. The motor set up for low end torque.


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I ran a warn overdrive in my 51 utility wagon with no problems what so ever. It had a healthy 305 chevy and an sm465. I shifted it like a 5th gear so it was ay speed with the clutch in and it worked great. I wouldn't hesitate to use one in your application. Happy Jeepin

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Butch, I had the Warn overdrive in my old 70CJ5 with a 225V6 and SM420. I literally pounded the hell out of that Jeep on all types of
trails and the street with no problems in the overdrive.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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