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Warn \"Fusible Link\" for hubs

Hey guys, in case you don't check the Chevy board, my brother recently got this information. I figured that it might apply to some of the Jeepers in here. This is regarding a "fusible link" for Warn Hubs.

This is directly from the e-mail that was sent to him...

Warn has just released a Fusible Hublock but, One of the problems with this
type of a hublock is keeping it away from the "generic public" that does not
understand the design intent and function of the hublock. There will be an
article in a major magazine about the fusible hublock ( I am not sure when
it will be out due to the magazine lead time) The hublock is available on
request only, through off-road shops that sell our axle products and through
Warn. The hublock will not be in the catalog and there will not be any
advertising. Currently, not very many off-road shops know about the fusible
hublock so if you were to request one, they probably would not know about

The hublock was designed to fail in the HIGH 40,000 in-lbs which is the
lower end of strength for the better Spicer 297 u-joints. The strength was
set so that the hublock would fail first with the wheels straight ahead and
moderately turned. The hublock still has enough strength to cause a U-Joint
to fail with the wheels turned from full lock to moderately turned. If the
fusible hublock was designed to fail before the u-joint for all steering
angles the strength of the hublock would not be sufficient for most
conditions with the wheels straight

So far, the hub will only be offered in a 1/2-ton and light duty 3/4-ton
internal mount hublock. It will be sold in 19, 27, 30 tooth spline counts.
It is comprised of a premium cap and body with internal modifications. The
hublock will be sold in 2 forms, the first is a complete set of replacement
premium hubs (cap, body, bolts, etc) and the second is a single premium body
assembly only (designed as a replacement for the above). It is possible to
purchase 2 body assemblies and retrofit you current premium hubs BUT YOU
HAVE TO HAVE THE LATEST GENERATION. (built within the last 1 ½ years)

Here are the part numbers:

Hublock sets

60081 27 tooth internal mount fusible hublocks
60151 30 tooth internal mount fusible hublocks
60155 19 tooth internal mount fusible hublocks

Replacement body

60156 27 tooth body
60160 30 tooth body
60161 19 tooth body

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Re: Warn \"Fusible Link\" for hubs

/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif Very interesting Marc.... Us old farm guys have known about "shear pins" for generations. That is how you protect valuable drives from shock loads imposed by stuff like the shovel that Cousin Leroy lost last year going into your hay baler. The only problem that I can see is blowing the front drive at a critical moment uphill and getting into a sideways roll because of it. Two of my Jeep buddies did that in a Flatty a zillion years ago, and they are STILL dead./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

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