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Warn full floater vs Super 35 kit

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Does anyone have experiance with either of these kits, and which would be the better option. I've got too much in my dana 35 to upgrade to a dana44, gears and lockers. Plus if I gusset and truss the 35 it shouldn't bend. I am leaning toward the Warn kit because it eliminates the c-clips which the super 34 kit does not. Both shafts are of comparable strength because Warn uses alloy shafts while the super 35 kit uses thicker standard material shafts. What do you guys think? Also this kit would be for a 91 Comanchee MJ( Cherokee pick up). Anne at Warn said they don't make a kit for this truck???? What, I thought it had the same exact axles as a Cherokee/Wrangler ie Dana 30 front and Dana 35c rear? The front dana 30 is the non-disconnect style like late model Cherokees. All the other dimensions are the same as the Wrangler kit: width, offset etc, right? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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They do have the same axles as the cherokee. Make sure if you go with the warn to go 5x5.5 lug pattern. The hubs are much stronger and you would have the option of using drive flanges(slugs) in place of the hubs. A much stronger setup.

I have the super 35 kit in my 95 YJ. It is holding up quite well.

Super 35 kit:
stronger than warn kit (in my opinion)
allows you to keep abs if you got it
does not eliminate c clip
you can ONLY use the included lock right locker

warn kit:
gets rid of c clips
allows you to use your stock gear as spares
good for towing
not as strong
can't use abs

Basically, in your case you may want the warn kit becauuse you've already invested in a locker. In my case, I went with the Super 35 kit after talking to the guys at Drive Train Direct, who believe that although the Warn kit is stronger than stock, it is not as strong as the bigger shafts, and is roughly the same strength as the extreme duty (27 spline axles) they sell. Although the 30 spline axles of the super 35 kit are not made of the same alloy as the warn shafts, they are made by superior axle with a very strong material, and the thickness of the shaft is primary thing that affects strength.

The other thing the warn kit allows is that you can keep the stock axle shafts around as spares (I think), whereas I cannot because the wheel bearing inner size is now different (although I've been thinking of sleeving my shafts to fit, if that's possible, so I can carry them as spares).

It's a kinda 6 of 1 have a dozen of the other situation for you, but I think I'd make my decision (if I were in your shoes) based on whether I wanted to trade the locker I currently have for the lock right that comes with the super 35 kit. For instance, if you have a lock right now, who cares, but if you've sprung for a detroit or ARB than you probably don't want to give it up.

I can tell you that the super 35 kit and lock right locker that I have has been holding up very well for me, under somewhat harsh conditions, getting more extreme all the time as I progress in wheeling. I am still working on my axle truss (lack of time has prevented me from getting to it so far), but I think that is a good idea.

e-mail me if you want more info.


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