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So I got my one piece shafts in. My friend and I drive it around and the shafts are hot to the touch. Then next day we tear it all apart again and using some of those shims, shim the backing plate out (4 thinck ones on ones side and three on the other) basically what we did was shim it out until we got play and then back it off a shim. anyways so now I am driving it and the shafts are still getting warm but not hot, is this normal for one piece shafts? how much heat can a bearing withstand? any help or experience in this would be great..I am going to jack it back up tonight and see if there is any play in the bearings after driving 70 or so miles


They can take more heat than you would want to touch. If they're just warm or hot to the touch, they should be fine. You will have alot of heat from the brakes also.

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