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Wanted: yota rims ..........

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Looking for a set of [4] yota rims with 2.5" or 3" backspacing. I don't need expensive rims just some plain jane rims that may need re-painting.

Thanks Guys,
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I have 5 rockcrawlers . 1 is new 4 have rash 100 for all 5 They are 15x8 with 3" bs I think . I can measure them for you tommorow if you want . I think the # is AR 767 ? They have the D Holes vs the triangle and are black .
Norzuki no problem . I will keep an eye out for you .

And yes Zuk88 I will sell them for 135 shipped on ForwardAir , you will have to pick them up at your local terminal .Do you have paypal ?
mykwillisrn you are next in line . I dont think zuk88 has had a chance to see this post yet though . I will let you know though if he decides he doesnt want them .
Myk I will measure the backspacing today to be 100% sure if you still want the rims .
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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