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Just in case you guys and gals didn't know !! A friend of mine that frequents these forums (DepDog)or Glenn Viveiros is hosting a K5 Tellico Run, Tellico is in the southwest corner of NC and I am trying to assist him in recruiting people to join us. Any vehicle is welcome, but the emphasis is on K5 Blazer's !!! The run will be on Memorial Day Weekend the 26,27, and 28th of May. If you can come send your info to DepDog or BigBurb. We would like to know your location, vehicle type/year and basic modifications. If we get some more folks to join the growing crowd we may actually get some magazine coverage.
DepDog's/Glenn's E-mail---[email protected]

BigBurb's/Harvey's E-mail---[email protected]

Here is a link to the Tellico ORV Area Trails


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Bigburb. that is the same weekend as the Rosser trip in TN. Maybe this is why there is no response?? As for me, I am probably doing the Rosser trip.. If ol' yeller is up to it.

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