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I test drove that 77 Waggy and spent some time checking it over. Some Concerns:

I couldnt seem to get the high/low engaged. I tried to put the tranny in neutral then shift into just ground the gears?? Was I doing something wrong?

There was considerable slop in the driver front wheel, probably a loose bearing retainer nut, but who knows how long its been running like that??

The engine backfires (not repeatedly) just once each time your accelerate and let back pressure build. I was told this could be a sign of a cracked head????

Any info would be greatly desired.

Id love to get this unit but dont want to buy a problem.

Id rather spend money on mods!! Maybe Ill offer him 800.


Everyday travel is off-roading in this town....

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When the tranny is in neutral, make sure the vehicle is rolling around 5 mph, and give the lever a firm yank up. If you stop, the gears will grind. There is a neutral position midway on the lever and if you get stuck in it, get the vehicle rolling in neutral or shut off the engine and shift. I had trouble with it at first but you'll get a "feel" for it after awhile.

I assume you're talking about the wheel bearing. It could be a loose nut (easy fix), or a worn bearing or spindle. Check the ball joints and the tie rod ends for looseness too.

The backfire could be a lot of things. It could be a plugged or inoperative egr valve, wrong ignition timing (too far advanced), vacuum leak, carb float level too high, or a stuck valve.


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