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Wagoneer parts on a CJ

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I bought a wagoneer with 60k miles on it that has been destroyed by rust on the frame and body. I am planning on using the 360 in my cj. I am wondering if the other parts can be used too, specifically the power steering gear box, and radiator. I also am wondering if the 360 and 304 use a common distributer, because i just bought a new one for my 304. The wagoneer is a 72, and the cj s a 79. Thanks in advance for any help. It looks like I am gonna have a 304, th400, dana 20 driveline for sale soon, as well as the axles from the wagoneer (drum brakes)


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lets see...power steering gear yes...radiatior no...distibuter from a 304 into a 360...yes
i have done all these things

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